NEW! Holiday Leftovers

These tales were a little too quirky for their own good (and for the dark Alternative Holidays). So Bob Brown and Alicia Hilton present them in the grand tradition of something we all love about the seasonal holidays: the delicious leftovers. Stories by Jim Wright, Gerri Leen, Marissa James, Benjamin C. Kinney, and others.

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NEW! Post Roe Alternatives: Fighting Back

49 stories, poems, and essays celebrate choice and explore what lies ahead in a Post Roe era. Hear from Jim Wright, Adam-Troy Castro, Samantha Bryant, Rebecca McFarland Kyle, Larry Hodges, Liam Hogan, Marlene Barr, Dasola Tewogbade, and more.

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Alternative Holidays

Cthulhu awakens. Cupid becomes a vigilante. Santa grants deadly wishes. Suspenseful and sinister stories of alternative holidays, edited by Alicia Hilton and Bob Brown.

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The Protest Diaries

An exploration and celebration of protest in America, edited by Vanessa Cozza. With stories by Jane Yolen, Irene Radford, Rebecca McFarland Kyle, and more.

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Space Force…and Beyond

Epic tales of gay aliens, shiny probes, space walls, and, of course, the USS Pence. Works by Mike Resnick David Gerrold, Jane Yolen, Ken Scholes, Manny Frishberg, Daniel Kimmel, and more.

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Alternative Deathiness

Tired of Death coming for those we love, the B Cubed Press authors decided to go after Death. Stories and peoms by Jim Wright, K.G. Anderson, Frances Rowat, James Van Pelt, Alicia Hilton, and more.

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Alternative War

Alternative perspectives on war, the people affected, and the aftermath of war. Stories by Jim Wright, Elizabeth Scarborough, David Gerrold, Liam Hogan, and more.

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Spawn of War and Deathiness

The stories about war and deathless poured in…and these were just too good to pass up. Editor Tom Easton presents stories by Alex Shvartsman, Gordon Linzer, Irene Radford, Bruce Taylor, and more.

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Stories for the Thoughtful Young and Poetry for the Thoughtful Young

Works that inspire and entertain the young and the people who love them.

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After the Orange: Ruin and Recovery

29 science fiction writers imagine the world in the post-Trump era. Stories by John A. Pitts, Brenda Cooper, Elizabeth Anne Scarborough, and more.

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Alternative Truths III: Endgame

A fearless exploration of the possible consequences of the 2016 election. Stories by Louise Marley, Jim Wright, Adam-Troy Castro, and more. Edited by Rebecca McFarland Kyle.

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Alternative Apocalypse

How will the world end? Mike Resnick, Jim Wright, Ugonna-Ora Owoh, Ian Creasey, Jane Yolen, and others give you their best predictions. Edited by Debora Godfrey and Bob Brown.

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Alternative Theologies: Parables for a Modern World

Poems, stories, and essay—from the humorous to the serious—explore the nature of belief in the modern world. Edited by Bob Brown and Phyllis Irene Radford.

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More Alternative Truths: Stories from the Resistance

The B Cubed Press authors dig deeper into the concept of truth. Stories by Eric M. Witchey, Jim Wright, Bruno Lombardi, Jane Yolen, Mike Resnick, Philip Brian Hall, K.G. Anderson, and more.

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Alternative Truths

This B Cubed Press anthology started it all in the Spring of 2017. Created in 100 days, this brought together the team and their stories about political life in America, past and future.

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Beyond Anthologies

Destinies: Issues to Shape Our Future by Thomas A. Easton

A series of thoughtful essays that focus on the role of technology in the survival of our society. Written by the editor or McGraw-Hill’s Taking Sides textbooks.

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When Trump Changed: The Feminist Science Fiction Justice League Quashes the Orange Outrage Pussy Grabber by Marleen S. Barr

A hilarious and satirical look at the encounters of Donald J. Trump with a feminist college professor, ghosts of feminists past, leaders of feminist planets, and his own fear of strong women. 

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